Savasana, also known as corpse/resting pose is essential to any yoga practice. It is so important to remember that the foundation to a yoga or meditation practice truly starts with the mind. 

Savasana is an opportunity to surrender to your mat, to the space and to the moment without feeling the need to acknowledge the thoughts which pass through our mind. Whether you're in savasana for five minutes, or one hour, giving your mind the rest it deserves is something that should be ideally practiced every day. Something helpful to try if you feel you're finding your thoughts continually intruding during your savasana is to imagine each thought as a cloud passing by. Acknowledge it, and let it pass. 

Try it out for 5 minutes at first, like with any of the asanas, you slowly increase. Just with any practice, you need to first start small and work your way up. Dim the lights, (even if you don’t have a mat) and surrender to your savasana. Just be still. The world will still go on when you return--I promise.