Legs up the wall

A consistent yoga practice is a great way to alleviate some of the symptoms of mental illness or distress, but there are a few poses (also known as asanas) which are particularly great for this purpose. 

One of my favourite poses for an easy go to stress reliever is an asana called Legs up the wall.

Some basic tips to remember for this pose (refer to photo for details) :

-Place your sacrum (right at the base of your spine) on the floor by the wall or a pillow/blanket for extra comfort

-Glutes placed against the base of the wall

-Allow legs to fall open to the sides, forming a V shape against the wall

-Arms can fall open to the side of your body

Laying in this pose for about 10-15 minutes (I tend to stay longer!) is really great for calming all of your bodily systems and functions including your nervous system and your respiratory system. Give yourself some time at the end of a hectic day in this pose and allow your mind to rest easy.