Wide Legged Forward Bend

This pose, similar to the last has really great benefits for stress relief. In addition to stress and anxiety relief, it also helps to relieve headache tension as well as fatigue.

To set up for wide legged forward bend, start in a standing pose. If you are on a yoga mat, turn so that you are facing the long side of the mat.        

Create some space between your legs on your mat, with your toes pointing straight and perpendicular to the edge of your mat. Keep both of your legs straight, or with a bit of a bend at the knee.

Start to bend at the hips, first making your back parallel to the floor. Keep your back perfectly straight as you reach your hands for the floor. Place your hands on either side of your head, and bring your head to the floor, or a block or a folded blanket or pillow for support.

You can also place your forearms onto a folded blanket, or onto blocks if this is more accessible for you. DON'T force your body further than it will allow. 

The important part in this pose is to keep your back perfectly straight, and the crown of your head towards the floor. Close your eyes and breathe. You can stay in this pose for up to 60 seconds.