Protein Pack

Your eating habits have a whole lot to do with how you're feeling mentally, physically and emotionally.

This connection between your mind and body means that when you are dealing with mental illness or distress, you should be extra aware of the food you're fueling (or harming) your body with.

One easy way to make sure you're getting all the fuel for your body and mind all in one is to blend it all up! I'll often prep some of the ingredients before bed so in the morning I can just throw it in the blender and not stress or even think about it. 

The basis for every smoothie (especially if you don't eat meat!) is protein and iron. For this smoothie recipe I used:

2 bananas (protein!)

1 tablespoon peanut butter (also protein!)

1.5 tablespoons vanilla protein powder (more protein!) 

3/4 unpitted dates (great natural sweetener)

Teaspoon of grounded flax seeds

3 ice cubes

Half a cup of milk


Give it a try, and don't hesitate to get creative! The basis here is the protein which you can get from either the powder, bananas, or nut butter. If you don't have all three, work with what you have. Again, when you're struggling with a mental health issue it can be hard enough to remember to feed yourself, much less do it well! Be easy on yourself and appreciate the efforts you've made today and everyday for your well-being. 

Much love