Why the Lotus?

The lotus is a flower that grows in muddy ponds, and the deeper and thicker the mud the more beautiful the lotus becomes. Each night the lotus closes it's petals and reopens with the sunrise. Like the lotus, we can also start a new chapter each day and grow through the mud. 

Black Lotus is a space to advocate for mental health and wellness amongst people of colour. With structured yoga programs for stress reduction as well as mindful intention, action and eating habits, we're here to help you find the light that shines within. Check the calendar and events list for details!


Mindful Intention

One part of our wellness includes the thoughts and habits we carry each day. Mindful Intentions are ideas and reflections on how to reframe your way of thinking so you can reframe your way of living.



Mindful Action

Creating intention is only one part of creating positive mental wellness habits. Stepping into action is also important.                

Taking action means something different to each of us, so take what you need--leave what you don't!

Mindful Eating

Our diet has a huge impact on our overall mood, which is something we don't often think about. 

It's easy to forget this, but some foods just do a lot more harm than good. Maybe it's time to try something new?