Sisters of the Sun
to Nov 26

Sisters of the Sun

As we start to ease into the colder months, we are back with a series for our black and brown yogis! As people of the diaspora, we share a lineage from countries of warmth and sunshine. As the seasons start to change here in Canada, naturally so do our moods. In this four week series we will explore the changes that happen in our physical and mental health during the colder months through yoga and dialogue.

For the returning Black Lotus participants, we will be joined in our post yoga dialogue by a new member of the Black Lotus team, Rebekah Otim. Also a fellow social worker with a focus on trauma and resiliency amongst black and brown folks, Rebekah will be assisting Deshawna to lead you through a thirty minute post yoga check in around your mental health. We will meditate and discuss things that we can do to better support our mental health in the moment, and in the months to come.

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